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Hello everyone !

To simply answer this question, I find most of my clothes on the Internet. But of course sometimes I also find some instore.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of shops I like. So if you’re visiting France, you can check them out !

This article is a bit special because it will be edited in the future and reposted.


Strasbourg – Elan Chaussures

Definitely my favorite shoe store in Strasbourg.
This lovely small shop is the perfect place to find exclusive and unique european brand shoes.
If you want to find good shoes in Strasbourg, this is the right address !
You can find a wide range of brands and prices. Most famous ones are Clarks and Dr Martens, but also a lot of european independent brands. I even found some Miss L Fire !

1 rue Thomann

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Colmar – Grunge Boutik

An alternative fashion store that carries a wide range of styles, from Goth to metal band merch and also pin up stuff and piercings.
I know this shop since a long while and already bought stuff there back in my teenage years.
Now I’m buying my petticoats there. They also launched their own shoe brand, real leather and very well made at affordable prices.
They carry brands like Hell Bunny.
There are also 2 Grunge Boutik in Strasbourg and one in Mulhouse.

18 rue de l’Ange
68000 COLMAR

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